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International Art for Peace project - Creating Reality and Art 
Instructions for 21/12/12 - In Sunrise Jerusalem time at 6:33 or during the day

– Together, Every month – we will all create while feeling that peace is in the world right now!. Together at the same time – all over the word – we will magnet peace!!! For artists and non-artists!

.  My idea is that in many places in the world we do art preferably while meditation for peace at the same time. In such way the effect would be enormous!
. Our thoughts create s reality - everyone knows that. Meditative deep thoughts while making art in many countries together at the same time - can lead to a better world
As far as I know it is the first time in the history of art that such a thing is done.
The art that was created in this way is the art of positive – so there is a positive effect on the people that do it and on people that watch it
Please do what is explained in the u tube. And ask friends to do the same thing! You can do it yourself at home, or with friend
We will do it at 11/11, 12/12, 21/12, 1/1/13. We will do it also for health, losing weight, looking young, and more


Meditation for Peace & Art  1/9/12 - Tamar Epstein Tami

TV movie about the paintings and special technique of Tamar Epstein Tami

Tamar Epstein Tami -Meditation for Peace & Art 11/11/12
Tamar Epstein Tami - Meditation for Peace & Art 10/10/12

Tamar Epstein Tami - PEACE & ART 12/12/12  AT 12AM ISRAEL TIME

World Art Games  -   WAG


משחקי אמנות חובקי עולם!

תמר (תמי) אפשטיין TAMI TAMAR EPSTEIN
נציגת ונשיאת אולמפיאדת האמנות WAG  בישראל.




As the president of WAG Israel, Tami Tamar Epstein intends to create reality, of inner and outer peace from Israel to the world.


Tami Tamar Epstein has developed an original method for creating a welcomed realty through art. (Here is link to a you tube clip). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UfarbP15E0


In   2013 an exhibition for WAG Israel, will take place in Israel, with a message of peace from Jerusalem to the world. The exhibition will travel from Israel to Croatia. In the exhibition a variety of arts will be shown, and also a book with poems and paintings for peace. The book will be issued especially for WAG Croatia.

In addition we are planning a number of events in which art will be created with the deep intention of peace and love between nations.

We strongly believe that art, which conceived by good intentions creates positive thinking, good energies and better human relations.