Tami Epstein        spirit raising art                                               

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I was born in Israel, live and create in Caesarea.

Member of the Painters and Sculptors Association in Israel


I studied painting for 6 years in various academic institutions: "Avni", 'Meimad", "Ramat Hasharon College ", "Ramat Gan College of Painting and Sculpture".

I also have a BA degree in Economics from Tel Aviv Universit


I developed an original technique for painting while channeling. and healing

through painting.


"Creating good and positive through art works""

 This is my message. which comes out of a strong belief in Optimistic Attitude, and in Positive Thinking's enormous power to create reality


Working on the floor, painting on large sheets while channeling, connecting with nature and essence, absorbing, in my works, the energies, thoughts, soul and reincarnations of my paintings. 

Aiming at returning to human sense, nature, to the connection between man and his own self, in the most direct way. Advancing in order to join our most basic sensations – long forgotten with the technological developments. "Forgetting" reason and connecting with inner feelings, which are the true ones!

I draw the "energies" experienced, blessing entities of light, feeling the energies that have come to our world to heal and help.


I feel I should make my series of three paintings maned "Entities of Light" known to people for the purpose of promoting and blessing them, therefore you have my permission to use the following three paintings.


       Beside Entities of Light I draw fairies, angels, flowers, luscious oysters, men and women, mostly in synthetic charcoal, pastels, water colors, oils, antroposophian colors and Mixed media

 3 drowings from the series "Entities of Light" :


I feel there is a path of spirituality and healing in my paintings.
My students often experience healing through the method of art I teach, and even I myself experience it.
I believe that if we concentrate, make a wish, and paint while continuing to concentrate, the wish will come true..
Perhaps this happens thanks to the help of the angels, or to the signal we transmit to our subconscious and is broadcast to the universe!

I have sensed fascinating miracles occurring through the influence of this method of painting. I have experienced healing and present here some examples that have amazed me…

Healing through Painting

 few examples of the power of our thoughts

(Haw my broken wrist and my eye got cured ) - my special technique :
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Since we create our own illnesses and accidents ... We also have the ability to cure them !
My painting on the plaster cast



Plants that are Affected by the Energy Emissions of Paintings

In the house where I previously lived there were many plants hanging on the walls next to the paintings.
I noticed that the plants were growing in the same direction and movemed  as the paintings  
It was not by chance!.

 This is Painting of the Dancer

 For those interested: Another story about the power of art:
In August 2009 I was asked to participate in an exhibition
dedicated to the prisoners of war and the missing soldiers.
Because I believe that by positive thinking and optimism they could be brought back,
I chose for this exhibition a painting which I created for a friend who became afflicted with a throat infection.
In this painting I portrayed "light entities" hovering outwards from the area of her throat, in order to heal this area by means of positive thinking....
I hung the work in my studio.
Two days later a Channeling Workshop took place in my studio.

The instructor, Mr. Shahaf Lev, sat "by chance" facing the painting, which I decided to dedicate to the prisoners of war.
And, influenced by the channeling, all those present at the studio felt that the soul of.... 
 Ron Arad ( a missing prisoner of war).... had arrived there with a message for 
each attendee.
.I was  shocked ... I had not told anyone what my intention had been in this painting…
And lo and behold, we are all feeing the presence of the prisoner in the room ....
What do you think....? ...? ...
Does optimistic positive thinking in art have so much power?

Here is the painting
It is dedicated to the return of all our boys.